Create a website in 15 minutes!

No really ... You are completely able to create and update your website in real time, easier than building a presentation, and you have all the best people to help you when you get stuck!
Includes a year of hosting, domain name, SSL certificate, unlimited pages, and best of all, no learning curve and no technical skills required at all. Just select, edit and Publish!

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Connect with us via skype, teamviewer, telephone or email. We will be happy to talk to you in person and answer all of the questions you may have.
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Let us create the perfect website for you now!

No hidden cost!

This is a gift from us to you. With this fabulous package you will have the below included at no extra cost to you. It is packaged specially for you to assist you in developing your website and get it to work for you.

1 hour consultation with our web developers

Pick our brains

Pick our brains for an hour planning session with the best internet architects that will help you with your design, give tips and walk you through the process.

Choose a domain name

Domain name

Included is a free,, or domain name just for you. Yearly renewals are included. Other TLD's like .com, .net and so forth are not free.

DV SSL Security with Living Technologies

DV SSL Security

One installed and maintained DV SSL certificate to show the world you care about your website and the people that are visiting your website.

Website Hosting with Living Technologies

Hosting for a year

Host on our superior servers, optimized to load your website super fast. Our servers will never let you down and you will enjoy freedom with our un-restricted services inside our world class cPanels

Daily backups with Living Technologies

Daily backups

Your design and website is safe with us. If it happens that you accidentally destroy your website it can restore for you at a cost of R49.00. All backups are stored in a secure location both online and offsite.

Antispam - Antivirus with Living Technologies

Spam & antivirus

You are protected from excessive spam and viruses. It is essential to save you from hack attempts and DDOS attacks that eat up your bandwidth and space in a very short time.

Endless Joomla Customization with Living Technologies

Endless Customization

Easy editing & define your page-specific field sets within each block. Remove, add or edit as much as you need.

Vritual Business Training with Living Technologies


Sharing our knowledge with you  to be able to manage your website like a professional and compete with the world.

Premium Support from Living Technologies

Premium Support

You will be supported whenever you need it. Your issues solved in a quick and professional manner.


Let experts manage your website!

We have top developers and experienced software engineers to help you maintain, upgrade and secure your website software.

Why Instant Website?

My name is Cristal Cooper and that is the exact problem I had when I set out to build my very own website. I hired web designers, developers and took countless courses. Through many trials and tribulations, I finally got this right. But, because I don't want you to figure it out in drips and draps the way I did, I provide you the tools to quickly and effortlessly put together your very own website in a fraction of the time at almost nothing compared the money you already spent.


Ease of Use

You bring your ideas, we build it while you are watching the results in real time. No trial, no mistakes, no wasted time, no misunderstanding, and the best of all is that you will love to see how easy it is.
No experience required. NONE AT ALL


Responsive Designs

Your website will be fully responsive and it will give you the distinct look and feel while being very easy to adapt and customize. It is truly responsive content management system and one of the most popular systems there is today.


You will love this

Many web designers promise results. We don't promise, we deliver while you watch. You will never ever use any other software ever again. No drag and drop, just plan your website, select the premade blocks, insert, edit and publish!


Serious Business

If you think your purchase here with us does not provide you the matching value, you get 100% refund! No questions asked. It is guaranteed to solve your web design problems and we will help you achieve the value for what you pay.

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Love what we do. Do what we love.

Who we are

We are close teams of passionate people based in Centurion, South Africa. We are stylers, coders, parents, gamers, jokers and experts in our professions. Ordinary people who strive to create extraordinary products for you.

What we do

We create and make beautiful things for the web, from desktop to mobile. This includes website templates, themes, plugins and many more. Top notch quality products are the main thing we care, talk and do.

Why we do it

Simply because we love doing what we are doing and are best at it. We love a beautiful digital world, and it starts with every single product we make today. It’s our destiny to make great products and make you look great on the internet.

Never need to struggle with your website ever again!

Why Instant Website!

Stunning tool to build websites in minutes with unlimited pages and components.

Inline editing made simple

Inline Editing

Change any text you want inline and make it look good with editor format options.

Edit blocks

Edit blocks

Configure each block based on pre-defined parameters.

Interact with all Joomla pages

Interact with all Joomla pages

Instant Website supports all Joomla pages and ability to configure layout in Joomla ways.

Video overlay support

Video overlay support

We give you complete control over each content block. Create, edit and assign custom content with ease.


Work with all templates & frameworks
Work with all templates & frameworks

Instant Website page builder works properly with all frameworks and templates.

Icons Support

Icons Support

We give you complete control over each content block. Create, edit and assign custom content with ease.

Compatible with 3rd extensions
Compatible with 3rd extensions

Fully compatible with all 3rd extensions: Easysocial, Easyblog, K2, Easydiscuss, Virtuemart, etc.

Responsive config

Responsive configurations

Use your time for generating new ideas for your startup. Take a break from the routine.

Image Replacement

Image Replacement

Change image for any block by replacing url or upload new image.