Do I need to order/pay for hosting?


No nonsense
hosting included!

Hosting can be chosen at a monthly fee, which is more expensive, or yearly fee, which is way cheaper. Your hosting renews at the date your first order was placed ensuring that you pay for a full month or year in advance to ensure reliable no nonsense hosting.


You can grow as much as you want!

If you go over your default limits which is 1GB space and 2GB bandwidth, our system will not cut you off and display a message. Instead we allow you to use what you need. You will receive a invoice for the usage over the default limit at R3 per Gigabyte you use. Let us put it in context: If you have a business hosting account with other providers, you will start at R350 and upwards for a 15GB hosting account. For R350 you can get 117GB with us. So we are very affordable with our space and bandwidth.



You can change and edit as much as you want. Just remember to press publish for the new settings to take effect. Remember that changes overwrite your existing ones, so be careful. Backups are only done once a day so you will only be able to restore the previous day of work and is only kept for 10 days.


Support is available!

Support is provided by InstantWeb for any update, change or problem that you want to get solved or that you need help with. Please remember that website development is not support. Some support request will incur a fee such as changes, updates, development, design, planning, and so forth. Support fees start at R49 (excl.) to R450 per hour and you will be informed beforehand if your request will incur a fee.


The following domains TLDs are included:
other domain tlds are available at low cost.
Living Technologies ICT is preferred domain registrar.


Restricted use

Terms and conditions and an extensive knowledge base can be found on our automated billing system here.  

The site builder can only be used for one domain at a time and only when your are hosting with us. It is non-transferable and you have no permission to transfer your site with this content developed on our platform. If you want to continue using this software on another hosting platform you can acquire a license from us for R3500 per year.


With our help you will grow exponentially!

Try it out, you can cancel at any time.

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